Behind The Scenes

Opportunities to get involved  range from the obvious acting and directing,  and the not so obvious off-stage roles under a producer – including front of house, backstage and technical, wardrobe and make-up and show publicity  as well as the essential organisational management including financial . (Someone has to balance the books and be our Cameron Mackintosh not a Leopold Bloom to a Max Bialystock.)

We are also encouraging new writing for the stage, liaison with nearby community groups, and now produce two revue style shows with full catering.

So if you have asket2n interest in drama or our wider scope and would like to become involved on stage, backstage or in our front of house teams why not find out more?

Even if you have no experience we would be delighted to pass on our knowledge and mentor you in any of the areas in which you show an interest. Lighting? Sound Effects? Make-up? Poster or Set Design?

Or if you are not artistically minded you can enjoy promoting our activities in other ways –  managing the website or membership roll, photographing shows and sourcing or making props & costumes.

creamaholicOur focus has always been for straight theatre, (be that drama, comedy or other genres) and until recently we have left any musical productions to other societies.  But with an aim to do more, we had a huge success with our first two Christmas Cabarets and it looks like that musical revue is a firm favourate an annual event in the Cuckfield Calendar.  So now we are seeking out people who can sing, dance or perhaps play a musical instruments.

You can see details some of our other past shows on this page.

Where will CDS develop next? We are open to new ideas and want to be the most original community arts organisation as well as the friendliest amateur dramatic society in Sussex!

A great place to start (but not the only option) is our annual February Frolics which is both a fund-raiser and an excellent opportunity fwow4or members to try their hand at something new, be that directing or performing in the one-act play or sketches.

Some people find the commitment of taking even a small part in a full length play daunting, (although a good director does not have people waiting around unnecessarily in rehearsals), but a role in a sketch can be a great way to test the waters.

You can watch some clips from a few past shows on our Past Productions page.   (Chiefly locally written material such as some sketches and older plays which -are out of copyright. You can also see these on our youtube channel –