The Players Theatre

A first for CDS in August 2017 is that we are taking a show on tour… all the way to Hurstpierpoint (Just 6 miles and 13 minutes drive from Cuckfield)…

Home to (and owned by) the Hurstpierpoint Players the Players Theatre dates from the 1820’s when it was a non-conformist chapel, but it has also been also a school, and both general and wine store until becoming a dedicated theatre in 1977.

With raked and tip up seating (once installed At Glyndebourne we  understand)  and permanaent installation of lighting and sound equipment CDS is envious of the flexibility this provides in creating sets and performances!

However the stage size and audience capacity are smaller than our usual Queen’s Hall,  and the stage lacks wings although these are not “show stoppers” – and Bridge To Farce director Sophie Bradshaw and touring producer Martin Sheldon are confident that we can present the show without  major changes.

The Hurst Players are currently raising funds for a major refurbishment and improvement of the premises and CDS is pleased to be supporting them in that as a “visiting” company!  have a common shared aim of bringing quality local theatre to Mid Sussex.

The Players theatre is also used for National Theatre Live shows which bring world-class theatre to cinemas in the UK and internationally. The Players Theatre shows screenings as part of a joint venture between the Hurst Players and the Hurst Village Cinema, with details on their website.

Travelling to The Players Theatre

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Parking For The Players Theatre

The closest parking is Brown Twins car park

There is a footpath leading via “Trumpkins” to the High Street coming out next to The Poacher public house.

There is more parking available on street in Brown Twins Road or by the Health Centre and another car park in Trinity Road.