Newsletter Delivery Problems?

Are You Getting It Regularly?

If your CDS newsletters go to a spam or junk mail folder, or are filed under Promotions in a gmail tab here are some tips to make sure you don’t miss news about shows, auditions or other events.

  • Click on this link “Add us to your address book”. It is also in the bottom of each newsletter and if you click on it your browser or email program should offer to save the contact for you.
  • Your email program or webmail often has an option to mark a message as “not junk” or “not spam”

Here is an example  from Microsoft Outlook:Junk Mail

If your mail program shows an option to trust all mail from this mailing list as well as all mail from the sender use the mailing list option.




  • If you are still having problems all CDS mailing list emails have a mailing list identifer 998d5048f22a86c81f448f8c5 within them. As it’s not the most common word  you can use it in a filter to mark them as safe.

When using Tabbed Inboxes In Gmail,