CDS Web Advertising

For regular programme advertisers CDS will now host a simple image advertisement on our website,

  • This is all on the CDS website, so there’s no external party involved.
  • We don’t charge anything extra for this
  • We don’t offer click tracking, or reporting.

What do we need?

  1. :A small image (which can be based on your programme ad.
  2.  A choice of what happens if someone clicks on your ad:
    The options are:

    1. We show a larger version of the same (or a related image or a PDF file (we can host these on our site)
    2. We link to any web page (e.g. a facebook or other website page)
    3. We start a template email for the potential customer to get in contact with you

Some working examples of ads and the different links can be found here at

Where is it displayed and how often?

This is shown in the top right of the page (when space permits) at the top of the narrow column.   It may be lower down on mobiole or narrow devices. We also show promotions for CDS shows, news and some for other local groups or neighbouring societies.

We are just using a simple system that will rotate images at random as people browse the site.

Image File

The web images are 300×424 pixels – (the same shape as A4 or A5 portrait document) – so if the text is fairly big we can just scale an image down.

PNG format is best, but JPG is also fine.

For example – here’s a image of that size promoting Uncle Vanya

We can create an image based on your text if need be – for example like this: