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Wednesday 21st June 8pm

An Uncle Vanya Workshop

Director Emma Gosling will lead a workshop exploring some scenes from our autumn show Uncle Vanya.

This session is open to anyone who wants to participate (or watch) whether they are interested in being a part of the show or not.

  • No scripts! We will be improvising some scenes based on based on the extracts used as audition pieces.
  • See how techniques can help recall emotions and increase realism!
  • Bring a character to life with convincing natural portrayal
  • Show us the torment of unrequited love!
  • See how a subtext can reveal deeper truths!
  • And learn how to fake sincerity!

Chekhov thought of Uncle Vanya as a comedy, but with elements of romance and tragedy and awkwardness – that draw parallels with shows such as Ricky Gervais’s hit show The Office.

So awkward you have to laugh… or cry!

Chekhovian characters are often unhappy with their lives and his aim of was to get people to recognise the pain in their lives and make a change.

So come and watch a little (initial) work in progress, and see how a script can be interpreted in many different ways… and how we will start to show Russia in 1899 can be relevant and entertaining in Sussex in 2017!

The evening will also be the final audition session for all the roles in the play.

Location will be the White Harte meeting room as usual!

CDS club nights are usually 8-10pm on the third Wednesday of every month when CDS is not busy with an imminent show!
  • Details can be found in the monthly newsletter as well as on this page!
  • They are usually free to all members and potential members!
  • So if you are interested just come along and say hello!

Full Calendar

Date Theme
21st September 2016 Interpretation 1.     To Bean or Not to Bean
2.     Interpretation Scripts
19th October 2016 Halloween 1.     Wink Murder
2.     Gruesome Conclusion
3.     Script Reading
16th November 2016 Characterisation 1.     Spaghetti
2.     Character Circle
3.     Character Bus
4.     The Party Game
5.     Emotion Bench
6.     Park Bench
21st December 2016 Christmas Party!
15th February 2017 AGM  & Shakespeare’s Impact on Modern Language
22nd March 2017 Seminar  How To Produce
19th April 2017 Theatre Quiz TBC
MAY NO EVENT due to production opening May 31st!

At the White Harte meeting room – all welcome!

(but still conveniently close to the bar for those so inclined!)


Details of other planed events and those organising them will be in next month’s newsletter, as well as on the website page

Please also watch the website,  social media or newsletters for details of all our upcoming events.

About Our Club Nights

After the success of recent club nights we decided to hold them more often and on a regular schedule from 2015. Activities vary, but it’s a chance to meet, talk and do something outside of show planning, auditions and rehearsals!

So CDS club nights are part social, part educational, but always we hope fun!

We occasionally skip or reschedule a month due to an imminent production or summer holidays, so do please check the website page or latest newsletter (usually sent the week before club night).

Keeping a schedule of activities fresh and fun means we are always keen to get more volunteers to organise an evening. This is a great way for people with an interest to help CDS, without the larger commitment of a role on the committee or getting involved with a production on or off stage! If you are interested or just have an idea please get in touch! We can support you as much or as little as required!

Past activities have included improvisation games, play readings and passing on tips and techniques on various aspects of acting and stagecraft.

Unless otherwise indicated they are all held at the White Harte meeting room.

So why not make a note of the CDS Club Night on the Third Wednesday  in each month in your diary!

(Please check website or newsletter for details and confirmation!)

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