Looking for Actors


Substantial Films in Brighton are currently seeking actors who may be interested in being filmed in an advertisement shoot they are working on for their show reel.

It would be for a few hours in Brighton on Wednesday Feb 4th in the evening.

They need 2 male and 2 female actors age range 50 – 60.

No budget but they will be showing the end product to some advertising agencies in London – so who knows where it might lead!

Contact Phil Harris [email protected]

Club Night and February Frolics Auditions

Our seasonal club night will be on Thursday January 8th – join us from 7:30pm for an 8pm start at the meeting room at the rear of the White Harte.

As well as some seasonal merry-making we will be reading some excerpts from material for the sketches and this year’s short play, “A Bridge Too Far” for the February Frolics, (performance dates 27/2/15 and 28/2/15). These informal auditions are optional but will we hope be entertaining for members and guests!

The annual Feb Frols are an evening (this year TWO evenings!) including food, sketches and a short (one act) comic play.

This year’s evening of comic entertainment has a common theme of Clubs