CDS logo Silhouette AnimOur congratulations to TicketSource who
signed up their 10,000th events manager!

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f you run a group presenting events we recommend use of TicketSource for your ticket management!

An Example E-ticketTicketSource Printed Ticket sent by post

They support both self printed e-tickets and card tickets, as well as tickets sent to a mobile phone!

Do you organise community or commercial events with paid ticketing?

Then sign up now (free!) via this link to gain CDS a referral bonus!

You can use (and customise) a page on their website, OR embed sales on your own page OR use the facebook app!

It’s FREE to sign up and can be used at ZERO cost to your group!. You can use it to track your sales across multiple sellers (shops, multiple individual committee members etc) and for an extra fee on relevant sales you can accept credit card bookings online or by phone as well. See our ticket sales page for how we use it!
We’ve found it useful in saving time by coordinating sales via multiple channels, providing email e-tickets (which can be printed if required) and handling credit cards for people who don’t mind paying a small booking fee surcharge online or by phone.
So don’t forget to book your tickets for Simon Brett’s murder with mirth, Silhouette.
This time we are using TicketSources feature of Automatic Discounts, as an incentive for people to book early, or for larger groups!
We hope to see you at the Queen’s Hall in Cuckfield in October!

Ditchling Players seek actor…

Ditchling PlayersDitchling Players next production is “Nightmare” – a suspense play by Norman Robbins.

They have cast all of the parts except one – Michael.  The director, Penelope Bennett, is looking for a male in his mid-twenties to play a mentally retarded man.  There are only 3 words to learn but there is quite a bit of acting required!

So, if you know of someone who would be interested in this could you please ask them to contact Penelope on 01273 844302 or (preferably) e-mail [email protected]

Their rehearsals are every Tuesday & Thursday at the Ditchling Village Hall and the production dates are – 18th to 21st November.

Project Ef Bomb Seek Young Actors for A Tragical History Webseries!

tragicalhistory banner_cr

This ad-hoc group are creating a modern webseries adaptation of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, bringing a fresh spin to the play! John Faustus, tired of his scholarly studies, starts to pursue the path of magic with the goal of gaining infinite power. Then he sells his soul to a demon, and from there it all goes to hell, even bringing the seven sins into existence in the process…

It will be posted on youtube and told through short vlogs. (For a better idea of the format, look up “Nothing Much to Do” or “In Earnest” web series.)

They still need some cast members (of any gender) so they can film ASAP!!

The open roles are as follows:

  • Valarie – a sarcastic, sassy student, interested in magic and pop culture
  • Wrath – grumpy, passionate about justice
  • Pride – a confident mother-hen type, positive and enthusiastic
  • Gluttony – adorable, slightly shy, enjoys baking

There are also a number of smaller roles open (that are only a few lines.)

Contact them via [email protected] or seetragicalhistory1


Silhouette Casting Completed

Isobel Holloway has joined us to play DI Bruton, alongside the other cast members

Celia Wallis:   Emma Gosling
Martin Powell:   Philip Robinson
Neville Smallwood:   Martin Sheldon
PC Leach:   Phoebe Izzard Davey
DS Fisher:   Keith Moss
DC Wilkins:   Sue Widdicombe

Rehearsals are now under way… with the usual flexibility required in July and August to accommodate holidays!