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Tickets on sale in Cuckfield

Get them now at Wealden Stores, Whitemans Green or Mansell McTaggart, Cuckfield!

Only £10 to see what will be the most talked about show in Mid-Sussex!

Racing Demon is a story of clerical conscience and conflict that is simultaneously gripping, moving and funny! (If you liked “Rev” on TV, you’ll love this!) Recognised as Sir David Hare’s masterpiece it won three best play awards in its initial run in 1990. Its story remains very topical covering tabloid malpractice, female bishops, homosexuality, tough economic times and the lack of relevance of the Church to ordinary people. It is a show everyone will enjoy, not just those interested in the church, but it will have added poignancy by being performed in (and raising money for) Cuckfield’s beautiful and historically important 13th century Holy Trinity church.

Online and phone sales details can be found via this link.

Get on TV!

We received the following from an ITV production company ..,

Calling all families & couples who love to go on holiday

ITV are making a new series about holidays and you could be part of it.

If you love to go on holiday and have an opinion about what makes a good trip; we want to hear from you!

For more information or to apply, get in touch:

PHONE: 0203 0406875 or EMAIL: [email protected]