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October Auditions Next Week – UPDATE!

The first auditions for our October Double Bill of two short plays are this coming week on Tuesday & Wednesday.

Come along to the meeting room at the White Harte Inne at 8pm either day.

The Bear was announced first and is the priority for casting (due to director unavailability in July).

  • We had hoped to also hold auditions for the other play, but that’s not possible – so these auditions are only for The Bear.

For more details see the auditions page!


About Stepping Out…

Stepping Out is a comedy written by Richard Harris in 1984.

It was a hit in the West End (and won the Evening Standard Comedy of the Year Award) and was also performed on Broadway and several productions have since toured the UK, most recently in 2017. (A film and Stepping Out—The Musical were adapted from the play in the 1990s.)

The story concerns eight individuals from disparate backgrounds and with differing motivations who attend the same weekly tap dancing class in a dingy North London church hall. Despite the students at first treating the classes as social occasions, and showing little co-ordination, they later develop a level of skill and cohesiveness. The dance routines are the background for the focus of the play, the relationship and interaction of different people…

The CDS cast include both experienced actors (who’ve had intensive training to improve their dance skills) and some new faces to CDS from Dance with Emily who were experienced tap dancers but who have developed their acting skills with CDS!

We are sure you will enjoy this high production as much as usual and that by the time of the final number you won’t know which of the eight were primarily actors or dancers.

With less than two weeks to the first night on Wed May 29th ticket sales are flying out the door but you can still get your seats in the stalls or on the raked seating either online now via TicketSource or at Marcus Grimes in Cuckfield High Street.

The cast are working hard to show their progress from their “mixed” abilities in the scenes of theor early lessons before they bond and display teamwork in a spectacular sequin studied finale!

Wednesday May 29th to Saturday June 1st

8pm nightly & a football free Saturday Matinee at 2:30pm

Why not have a pre-theatre supper before the evening show at Cuckfield’s Good Evening Thai restaurant?

Book now!

Hurst Players

Hurst Players are auditioning for four women on Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th April for The Killing of Sister George in July.

See our Auditions Elsewhere page or their newsletter for more details.

Also their delayed performances of ROPE, by Patrick Hamilton are now booking for Tuesday 30 April until Saturday 4 May (not Wednesday 1 May).

  • Made even more famous by the Hitchcock film Rope is the story of two students who try to get away with the perfect murder.

Patrick Hamilton was a local boy – born in Hassocks, in 1904, before moving to Hove. His other most famous play is “Gaslight” – which is being presented by Newick Amateur Dramatic Society from Wednesday 8th – Saturday 11th May 2019

Double Bill Review

The Browning Version and Dirty Business received high praise from many who came to see it in February including NODA reviewer Dee Sharpe.

The intense emotions of Rattigan’s tale of social mores and a faled marriage were perfectly counterpointed by the rather lighter tale of council cuts and a couple of cleaners, Whichever you enjoyed most we hope you felt the show was worth waiting form after the cancellation of the original dates in October 2018

The NODA review pointed out the sensitivity and skill of Emma Gosling’s direction of the poignant story of The Browning Verision, as well as Philip Robinson’s effortless genius and Hazelle Woodhurst’s sneeringly cruel but desperate portrayal of his unfulfilled snobbish wife. Top credit as well to Simon Perkins as the lover who finds his disgust at himself is eclipsed by what he finds he really thinks of his co-adulterer. All the supporting cast including CDS newcomers Logan Brewer, Josh Hands and Heather Gosling along side old-hand Laurence Leng.

Following such a famous play and such intense passions was always a hard task. (Rattigan’s original companion piece Harlequinade is far rarely performed than The Browning Version.)

Dirty Business then was set out as a total contrast, author Derek Webb. has a good number of plays to his name, but would probably not expect to be linked with Rattigan. Dirty Business was then cheekily cheery contrast standing on its own terms.

Primarily a double act with little time off stage its protagonist cleaners played by Caroline Morley and Lorraine Jordan are determined to protect their interests (specifically their jobs). Unlike the Browning Version they are willing to consider exposing Paul Ruse’s council manager’s dirty laundry as part of taking a stand against the cuts.

Lesley Jenks’s direction brought a sense of modern realism in a relaxed working environment after the stuffy suits of the 1950s, with the set transformed into an office with three very accomplished performances. The surprise twist at the end concluded what Dee called a hugely enjoyable evening.

Don’t MISS The Double Bill

As many of you will be aware, we had to cancel our October production of our two one-act plays (The Browning Version and Dirty Business) due to the sudden illness of our leading lady.

Both plays are now back at the very top form and will showcase the dramatic and comedic talent we are lucky enough to have within the group!

You won’t see a better show from actors who are unpaid, but clearly skilled.

So don’t miss this superb pair of plays in one great evening at the Queen’s Hall with CDS!

Book here or drop into Marcus Grimes in Cuckfield.