Hurst Players – Non-Stop Shakespeare

October 12-15, 2017

Hurst Players have asked if anyone at CDS (and elsewhere) would be willing to help them in this fund raising event by helping to read a play.

STOP PRESS – as well as a raffle “with lots of lovely prizes”,  and “a souvenir programme for sale.” we can also tell you that the Players have a 24 hour bar!  Which of those leapt out at us most we wonder …

  • Remember the Players were kind enough to allow us to take Bridge To Farce on tour there this summer and several CDS members are Hurst Players members as well.

The readings will go on 24 hours a day from 7.30pm on Thursday, October 12th, until whatever time they finish on Sunday 15th.

The Players are running this event to keep live theatre alive in Hurstpierpoint. The Players Theatre’s building was built in 1817 and was converted to a theatre by them in 1976. It has been apparent for a while now that the theatre building is in need of some significant maintenance and refurbishment work. for which they need to raise about £145,000.

Their intention is to read all 37 plays in this 70-hour marathon and we are inviting friends, schools, professional actors, amateur drama groups, local organisation, in fact anyone who is interested, to get involved!


  • With Uncle Vanya coming less than two weeks later e many of the cast and production team may be unable to devote large amounts of time to supporting the Players, so we are asking any one who can spare some time to help out and figuratively wave  the CDS flag in support!
  • Hurst Players are not asking for money;  although, if you felt able, any donation to the refurbishment fund would be gratefully received and acknowledged in their souvenir programme.

We contacted the Shakespeare Centre Library looking for advice on how long we might have to allow if we were to read right through, they said: “You deserve a huge amount of money if you’re going to read through all of Shakespeare’s plays! Going on the productions done here by the RSC, and taking at least half an hour off their running time, it would take anywhere between 60 – 80 hours to go through all the plays, depending on your texts and the speed of your readers.”The Players Theatre is a community asset and is used by Hurstpierpoint Players, Hurst Festival, Hurst Village Cinema, Centre Stage Children’s theatre as well as many other touring theatre and musical shows. The theatre also shows National Theatre Live screenings on a regular basis. Details of all events that happen in the theatre can be found at . The intention of this refurbishment is to make the place more comfortable for the audiences and users of the theatre.