Sussex Living covers CDS

Have you seen the October issue of Sussex Living Magazine?

There’s an article on CDS’s renewal “High Society“,  and how we have found new success (after coming close to demise), as well as letting people across MId-Sussex know about October’s Uncle Vanya .

  • One of the themes is that quality performances and acting bring a regular audience back, and that in this busy digital age we need to work hard to publicise our shows and activities both online and in print!
  • Cooperating with  other groups and welcoming new members keeps our ideas fresh and lively, and we hope will bring new people into the village and our audience!
  • CDS is doing more, but it takes not only actors, but a producer,  director, and backstage and front of house teams to bring a show to the stage.
  • We aim to develop new chiefs as well as indians, so if you’ve ever though about getting involved in any way why not find out more about a fun and satisfying hobby!
Or read the whole magazine  online  – the CDS article is on page 12