Why Do We Need This Group?

Why does “AmDram” need a liaison group?
    (or if you prefer the posher re-branding Community Theatre)

  1. It’s harder to get a good sized audience in through the doors in these days of  commuting and busy lives
    • In particular reaching younger and working age audiences  is harder
    • Local papers don’t reach as many people as they used to
  2. If you are active in (or just a supporter of) one local AmDram society then you are probably open to the possibility of seeing others
  3. Amateur Dramatics is (or should be ) a friendly activity
    • Some people are often active in more than one group…
    • Groups often help each other out with support, props or costume loans.
    • Such cross fertilisation is good for us all!
    • We can learn from each other!
    • And isn’t it nice to see what the neighbours are up to?
  4. We all know standards vary but Community Theatre can be top quality entertainment as well as and on your doorstep
    • Low cost – usually cheaper than commercial theatre
    • Cheaper than the cinema or many nights out
    • Live theatre is great fun
  5. Compared to travelling to say Brighton, Chichester or London going even 15 miles to see a good show is not a long way
    • Nor is it usually a large expense in tickets, parking or popcorn
  6. Unless two shows overlap exactly the degree of conflict between two shows a few miles apart is minimal.
    • e.g I might travel 10 miles to see Gaslight next week even though I saw my local group perform Run For Your Wife this week.
    • In any case even if only a few people are prepared and willing to travel  then any increase in audience is welcome!
    • And we could try to co-ordinate so as not to clash.
  7. I kept hearing about other shows locally after they occur or too late to see them or let others know
    • Many of us keep email lists but they may not reach all the people
    • An email a week before the show without  all the details (or with too many) is not enough
    • Good publicity takes hard work
  8. I’ve even found groups within 5 miles that I did even not know existed
    • And I had tried to reach out to all the local groups for years!
  9. It’s too easy to be naive about getting the message out
    • A few posters and emails are not enough
    • Facebook and other social media are not as easy to use for marketing as you think
    • Not everyone uses Facebook (or email)
  10. Can’t we use NODA, Sardines, or AmDram.net etc?
    • Sure – but the links even on a national or regional basis are not as flexible as those in the next town or village, or even across the county
  11. What about Facebook? There are some great groups to reach the public or other theatre folk in the local and county areas as well as national
    • Some people “Don’t Do Facebook” (And some don’t like the way  you have to login and share your life with them)
    • I noticed many groups prefer to just use email – so looked for a way to have a fairly simple mailing list  – if you can use email you can use MSDL
    • But I am minded to create a Facebook Group as well
  12. If a group folds due to lack or active members of audience it’s unlikely to  get re-established

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