Bridge To Farce

a comedy

by Richard Willis & Paul Ruse

A massive success … and you can still see this hilarious new three act comedy in only its second location when CDS (“an extremely talented group“) takes it on tour…

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Yes – by popular demand, (and with the lucky availability of the whole cast in the holiday season) and a suitable venue at the Players Theatre in Hurstpierpoint, Bridge To Farce will be performed again from Wed 2nd to Sat 5th August!

Here is the new poster:You can download the two-sided flyer here

Politically ambitious Margaret and long-suffering husband Norman are expecting a new couple into their Bridge circle.  When wife-swapping beginners Barry & Angie arrive by mistake, both couples spend an alarming evening at cross purposes!

Meanwhile, bridge-playing Edward and Charlotte – Margaret and Norman’s intended guests, enjoy a party with George and Zoe – Barry and Angie’s intended hosts! When the party is in full ‘swing’, all are caught in compromising situations as Bridge turns to Farce…

First Performed from Wed 31st May to Sat 3rd June 2017 at the Queen’s Hall, Cuckfield with sellout houses and rave reviews – the show is being reprised by popular demand from Wed 2nd to Sat 5th AugustBOOK YOUR SEATS NOW!

Cuckfield Audiences said it was “West End standard”, “absolutely hysterical”, “slick production by an extremely talented group”, “truly professional”  and “A MUST SEE!

Bridge To Farce is an extended play which builds on the very well received one act play first presented at our February Frolics in 2015.  (Originally titled “Bridge Too Far”)

We had hoped to present the continuing story of Margaret & Norman as our spring production in 2016, but a combination of cast availability, and other issues meant that we postponed it.

The Cast

We are pleased to say that the entire Queen’s Hall cast will be reprising their roles in Hurstpierpoint.

  • Angie     Stella Balicki
  • Barry     Paul Ruse
  • Charlotte Webster           Emma Gosling
  • Clerk of the Court/Prompt            Harriet Sheldon & Shirley Coates
  • Darrell   Alistair Denholm
  • Detective Sergeant Doyle              Paul Ruse
  • Edward Webster               Laurence Leng
  • Felicity  Isobel Holloway
  • George Collins    David Corbett
  • Georgina             Caroline Denholm
  • Margaret Nichol Stevens               Hazelle Woodhurst
  • Mary      Stella Balicki
  • Michael Martin Sheldon
  • Mr Prosser          Peter Bowman
  • Ms Nailer             Isobel Holloway
  • Norman Nichol Stevens  Philip Robinson
  • PC Lilley               Jack Bowman
  • Poppy    Caroline Denholm
  • Roger    Peter Bowman
  • Sir Gerald Farquar             Martin Sheldon
  • Zoe Collins          Kirsty Bishopp

Director:       Sophie Bradshaw

Some photos from the Cuckfield performances

See some more photos here!  (Warning – may have some spoilers if you are coming to see the show  for the first time when we reprise it at Hurspierpoint!)

The Authors

  • Playwrights Richard Willis and Paul Ruse have been writing togther for a number of yearsand CDS is delighted to have brought their first full length play to the stage.
  • To contact them or to enquire about licencing Bridge To Farce for professional  and amateur produtions please visit their website.


Read Paul’s account of the story behind their comedy collaboration (from the May edition of Cuckfield Life).










2 thoughts on “Bridge To Farce”

  1. Great entertainment of West End standard. Bridge to Farce was brilliantly cast and produced. Funny, clever and most enjoyable. The cast were all most entertaining with their different characters and I would definitely recommend seeing this play.
    Well done CDS, cant wait for the next production.

  2. I thought this a very funny play. Great to see strong original work take to the stage. Hazelle Woodhurst playing Margaret Nicol-Stevens and her husband Norman were absolutely superb together. Such stage chemistry. Very well acted. A truly professional production.

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