If I Were You

By Alan Ayckbourn

Queen’s Hall, Cuckfield

  • Wednesday 30th May
    to Saturday June 2nd 2018
  • Director: Harriët Sheldon

“A laugh-out-loud joy of a production”


  • Jill Rodale …. Lorraine Jordan 
  • Mal Rodale … Philip Robinson
  • Sam Rodale …. Anton Smith
  • Chrissie Snaith …. Nas Angelova
  • Dean Snaith…. Simon Perkins 




The Rodales seem like an ordinary family, but beneath the surface things are beginning to crack. Jill and Mal have lost the spark in their marriage, their son Sam resents his father and their daughter Chrissie has recently become a mum and is dealing with marriage issues of her own. And while they all share advice on how others should live their lives, nobody is really taking it on board — until Mal and Jill see things from a dramatically different perspective, that is.

When an unexpected event puts them in each other’s bodies they try hide the change from family and friends, but the complications spread like wildfire.

They begin to better appreciate each other even as their lives are turned upside down.  How well do you really know your partner?

“Friends who saw this production the evening before I did said “you’re in for a treat”, and “it was utterly brilliant,” so my expectations were high from the outset. However I was still blown away by the excellence of this one.” — Dee Sharpe

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