Stepping Out – Roles

MAVIS (??? Lines) An ex-professional dancer, attractive, 40ish. She runs the class and is a pro whose job is to make the punters happy.

DOROTHY (128 lines) A small, anxious and birdlike woman who works for the council. She could be anything from 30 to 45. She dances with extravagantly large movements and often gets in everyone’s way.  Unwittingly very comical!

LYNNE (110 lines) At 19 (or a playing age under 25), she is the youngest member of the group. She is eager to please, has a lovely face and a big smile. She never wears make-up and her skin glows healthily. She works as a Nurse, but dreams of being a dancer. She is a good, light on her feet and attentive.

ANDY (160 lines) Tall and thin and in her 30s or 40s. She is very timid and withdrawn and tends to stoop as though ashamed of her height. She is hopeless, with no co-ordination whatsoever.  She is defensive and prickly with the other girls.

MAXINE (289 lines) A good-looking lady in her 40s. She always looks good, no matter what and is able to sell anything. She is confident, competent and enjoys dancing. She is the most natural dancer in the group and knows it.

SYLVIA (255 lines) A short and very bubbly individual in her early 30’s. She is forever commenting on her weight and shouts, rather than talking. She constantly chews gum and isn’t a very good dancer, but doesn’t give a damn.

VERA (284 lines) She is in her mid-30s/40’s, neat and proper as a pin. For all her primness, however, she tends to come across as a high-class tart. She dances as primly and as efficiently as she does everything else.

ROSE (119 lines) A larger than life lady in her 40s, Rose is ideally Afro-Caribbean (but could potentially be played by another ethnic minority). Rose is loud, flamboyant, and constantly late for class but none seems to mind. When it comes to dancing, she has little sense of rhythm but loves every minute of it.

MRS FRASER (100 lines) The class pianist in her 50s (or older). She is a square-shaped lady who prides herself on her pessimism. (Piano skills would be preferable)

and finally the only man in the cast 

GEOFFREY (90 lines) A tall, rather awkward man in his mid-40s. He is the sort of man who doesn’t like being noticed and most of the time wouldn’t be. He is limited in his dancing but competent.