Make A Proposal

Do you want to direct or produce a CDS show?

  • Or do you want to act as assistant director or producer to gain experience?

Do you want to suggest a play that we should put on?

Or have you written an original script you’d like us to perform?

Then read on…

As part of our future productions planning process we have some standard questions whihc help us plan productions. These may be useful in helping help you formulate and present your play proposal.

You don’t need to provide all this to make a proposal, but at some point theses issues will need to be considered!

Usually the play and director are selected together, sometimes the director is nominated first, but we are also open to suggestions of plays that need a director to take them forward .

We have a list of our upcoming shows and dates, but we are open to¬† any other ideas (even dates) as well … just email us at [email protected] and start a conversation!

So whether you are just Interested in Directing, or just Have an Idea or are so well organised that you know exactly what you want to do and how, sooner or later these are the sorts of issues that need to be decided upon when planning a production

  • Do you have a play in mind? Or are you open to suggestions?
    • What kind of play is it? Comedy? Drama? Romance?masks-small
    • If it’s not well known: Who wrote it? What’s it about?
    • Is it in copyright and if so are the performance rights available?
    • Can we see the script?
  • Do you know how long it is?
  • What is the casting? (How many men and people-smallwomen or either)
  • What kind of set will be needed?
  • Will period costumes be required?
  • Will this be in the Queen’s Hall? Or elsewhere?Queens Hall
    • Standard seating? Or in the round?

To help refine and documenting these various staging options the FPC is there to support and help you. But one way to help crystalize a proposal details is to fill in in this paper form or use Microsoft Word template.

Many things are trivial or may not be applicable, and some may only be resolved later, but directors often find the process a useful check list.

But however far your planning and ideas have proceeded so far, the minimum we need is your name and your suggestions – so why not email us with your idea or interest and start a dialogue!

Cuckfield Dramatic Society Past Productions
Cuckfield Dramatic Society Past Productions