Future Opportunities

This page lists the future productions committee’s current focus … and future show dates

We are currently seeking…

Show proposals for Christmas Cabaret 2019!
Outlines, enquiries or tentative ideas are fine!

We can help you develop an idea if you engage with us!

Other proposals are also welcome … including smaller niche shows with less overhead than the major events.

If you were working on Sketch Submissions for the Feb Frols
The theme of the next Frolics show will be “Dinner” .

To find out more email us at [email protected]

Major Plays May/June and October

Drama? Comedy? Thriller?

What kind of play should we present?

If you have a yearning to be the driving creative force and direct, or fancy yourself as a Cameron Macintosh and want to organise a show please get in touch or send us a more or less detailed outline proposal!

Other Annual Shows

February Frolics

Our annual show with an emphasis on new talent on and off stage!

It’s a great place to try out skills in writing, directing or acting!

The Feb Frols are a light-hearted evening with food, including a short play and a number of sketches. See past shows for examples!

Christmas Cabaret

Now established as a firm Cuckfield  favourite after only two years our Christmas Cabaret show includes some more Variety – less acting but just as much entertainment with a themed evening of song, dance and even some speciality acts!

Draft Future Show Dates are:

  • Autumn Play 2019 – 30th Oct to 2nd Nov (half term week)
  • Xmas Cabaret 2019: (TBC )
  • Feb Frols 2020:  21st &  22nd Feb (in half term week)
  • Summer Play 2020 – 27th to 30th May (half term week)

Note that plays are usually Wed-Sat, while Frols and Cabaret shows have been Fri & Sat nights only.

Currently scheduled upcoming shows are listed here

As we are usually only able to book the Queen’s  Hall for at half term for major productions (due to use  by other organisations) future dates for major production weeks can be found at the WSCC page here.