This page has an outline for aspiring writers of material for CDS shows with both the details we would like to know about submissions, and a some details of current requirements. See also the list of shows currently being planned as Upcoming Opportunities.

We are happy to receive these or other proposals from writers and/or directors at [email protected] as we wish to develop a rolling portfolio of plans and scripts . CDS doesn’t commission or pay for original work, but is happy to help bring proposals to life.

Sketches needed for 2020 February Frolics

The February Frolics is our traditional annual opening for new writers, directors and indeed performers to try out material in public.

For Feb 2020 the guiding theme is Dinner – although it can easily be stretched to include lunch, tea or supper or even breakfast!

(Previous years’ theme have included , “travel”, “exercise”, “clubs”  and the “armed forces”).

Sometimes this helps refine the opportunities  but we invite your sketches (or just outlines) on any subject!

While not essential, especially if you have proposals for sketches please provide this information as a summary or consider the issues.

Sketches for the Feb Frols are usually up to about 10 minutes long – frequently much shorter, and have only carry on props & furniture as opposed to any special set.

The short play is usually 35 to 45 minutes long and has a simple set. Sketches are the play are usually performed for a similar length of time with one half of the show before and the other one after dinner.

After hoping to perform it on two earlier occasions (firstly loss of the proposing  director, and then rescheduling of another play) we hope 2020’s Frol’s short play will finally be Mixed Doubles – by Georges Feydeau, translated from the original French “C’est une femme du monde!” by Norman R. Shapiro.

So, third time lucky we hope for this tale of a double date gone hilariously awry in a private dining room a fashionable restaurant. served by the maitre’d and his wife. Everyone is a target and no one escapes unscathed from this hilariously biting puncturing of morality and class .

We like to have the play settled by Christmas as casting needs to occur very early in the new year with rehearsals of about 6 weeks starting by mid January.

  • Directors and Writers – please submit sketch ideas NOW! – either original writing or adaptations
    • Material that has some resonance to the short play is ideal but not essential, possible themes are  the French, or foreigners in general,  dining & restaurants or any form of classic comedy!
    • Typical sketch lengths are three to six minutes
    • So we can understand your idea and align it with the other material please give us some idea of what your idea is!

Sketch Proposal Outline

  • Contact Details – Your name, phone number and email please
  • Synopsis:  Sum it up in one line!
  • Cast:    How many M and/or F
  • Length:  Approximate running time – even if not fixed – give range if not sure or flexible
  • Type:    e.g. Monologue / Two Hander  / Visual Humour / Playlet / Radio Style / or Mixed!
  • Origin:   Author or Source – or Original
  • Readiness: e.g. Complete / Draft / A Developing Idea / Concept Only
  • Set/Props/Costume: Does it need any special items?
  • Further Info: (anything else to add – e.g an except or sample gag)

Play Submissions

Short plays can be proposed with the same format as the sketches, or the longer director’s play proposal form can be used.

This is also our standard format for full length plays – whether already commercially published plays or new writing.

The basic areas we ask in the longer form are:

  1. Who Are You? – your contact details
  2. What Can You Tell Us? about you and your experience?
  3. Play – basic info on its name, author copyrights etc
  4. Play OutlineVery useful for those unfamiliar with a published play or new work
  5. Production DetailsWe want to identify anything unusual, difficult, expensive or impossible to stage!
  6. VenueOur usual venue is the Queen’s Hall in Cuckfield but if you are suggesting a show elsewhere you can give details here

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