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26 thoughts on “Your Comments”

  1. I attended your production of “Uncle Vanya” last Friday and enjoyed it very much. There was a really high standard of acting and production throughout and your enjoyment communicated itself to the audience.
    I have known this play for 50 years since first studying it for Russian A level and would like to make a special mention of Sharran’s portrayal of Helena. This is a very enigmtic role and this is the most convincing version of her that I have seen. I have always been rather unsure as to her true character , what motivates her and her relevance within the play but ths performance seemed to make perfect sense within the structure as a whole and to make her credible. No easy task!
    Now to Sonya. She for me is more significant to the drama than is at first apparent. After all the play is called “Uncle ” Vanya and he is no-one’s uncle but hers. You had a problem in making Estella “plain” which she certainly is not . Perhaps giving her a more dowdy (grey?) costume might have helped than the rather colourful one chosen.
    I would also have liked her final speech to have been delivered more slowly to underline all the themes now being brought together as a true denouement- the pathos of her acceptance of her lot and yet her faith in a future where there will be a sense of serenity. Is she speaking for us all here?
    Have you thought of taking this production to other audiences through your theatre network? It seems a shame that such a splendid production will not be seen more widely. Again ,congratulations to all concerned!
    Best wishes ,

  2. We were enthralled by a lively, engaging interpretation of this classic and learned loads, thought-provoking and good! Well Done!

  3. We saw Bridge to Farce on it’s Friday evening performance and it was absolutely hysterical. I had no idea there could be that many quality double entendres in such rapid fire succession. Sheer brilliance. Certainly a must see.

  4. We saw a Bridge to Farce on the 2nd night. It was hilarious. The characters were strong and portrayed extremely well by the cast. Some lovely touches with the props and wardrobe.
    A great production making a very enjoyable evening out. Thank you

  5. The recent production of On Golden Pond was an absolute treat, the set was delightful, the cast sincere and word perfect and particularly well chosen charming music to separate the Acts. In all a fluid, sensitive and humorous presentation.
    Could a Saturday matinee performance be considered for the future please?

  6. Our four guests and ourselves thoroughly enjoyed the show. The casting was very strong with excellent performances – a lovely production. Looking forward to the Cabaret now.

  7. Golden Pond
    A great performance by each of the cast. The dialogue was all superbly audible , a joy ! Truely a most enjoyable evenings entertainment. Thank you everyone involved.

  8. On Golden Pond was great. We really enjoyed it, especially as we didn’t realise it was also funny! Thanks to the cast for all their hard work in producing this lovely play and to all behind the scenes who make it possible.

  9. Really really really good! – Well done CDS. I’m so pleased I went as I haven’t seen a live show for ages and this really was a treat!

  10. Brilliant timing! Great costumes (or the lack of them) and I loved the facial expressions! Super evening – well done!

  11. Well done to all the cast for Importance ……… It was an excellent show and thoroughly enjoyable.

  12. I am writing to congratulate all in CDS on their latest production. I have seen nearly all CDS productions since it was reformed in 1994 and this latest one is up there with the best. “The Importance of being Ernest” is a great play but also a demanding one and I thought the cast rose to the challenge magnificently and here credit must also be given to the play’s Director.
    It was good to see new members getting involved and this must promise well for the future.
    I would also like to add that I thought the bar layout and wider choice of drinks was a great improvement.
    I look forward to your next production.

    Best wishes

    Bill Collins

  13. We had a delightful evening. The mix of watching and eating was good. The chairs were comfortable !!!

  14. Brilliant. Well done! I haven’t been so moved by a piece of theatre for a longtime. Some fabulous acting, as good as I have ever seen. I still don’t know what I think it meant but I keep turning it over in my mind!

  15. I laughed so much at Any One for Breakfast that I nearly wet myself! Brilliant fun. I hope you do more comedies.

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