The CDS Committee

CDS is managed (we use the term losely) by a committee headed by three officers, a chairman or woman, treasurer and secretary.

The committee is elected annually at the AGM and consists of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer plus up to seven other elected members (and up to three further members can be co-opted if required).

The commitee also nominates a president for the ensuing year prior to the AGM.

Some committee (or other regular members) take lead roles in particular areas, for example managing club nights, box-office, marketing,  and membership records.

All roles and offices are honorary.

Our constitution (and other policies) can be read here.

For general enquiries and communications please email [email protected] or see the contact page.

The AGM on 30th January 2020 elected the following:

  • Chairman: Ross Bradshaw
  • Treasurer: Emma Gosling
  • Secretary: Caroline Denholm
  • Committee Member: Shirley Coates
  • Committee Member: Mike Robson
  • Committee Member: Kirsty Bishopp
  • Committee Member: Sue Widdicombe
  • Committee Member: Paul Ruse
  • President: Jill Bowe

Nominated President (and ex officio Committee Member) for 2020 was confirmed as Jill Bowe as voted by the previous committee.