Upcoming Shows This Week!

See the CDS Coming Up Elsewhere page for details of Was She Coshed?,  A Christmas Carol, &  Blithe Spirit and other shows in the local area this week and next!


if you would like your show to be listed please email us or join the Mid-Sussex AMDRAM LIASION GROUP

The quickest & easiest way is to send a brief summary text suitable to cut & paste saying Who, What, Where & When, Where to Buy & How Much and any Web Links.

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CDS Club Night Tonight!

Our monthly get together with the usual mix of socialising plus some drama related fun at the White Harte meeting room. This month’s ice-breakers are based on characterisation including Character Bus & Park Bench.

Serious dramatic skill development? Maybe not – but good fun to watch or join in!

If you’ve ever played Charades or watched “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” you’ll have some idea of how much fun simple games or exercises can be!

If not then just come  and have a drink with us and enjoy the company!

Free! As long as you buy your own drinks!cds-club-night-nov




Cuckfield Mayor praises On Golden Pond

Plaudits for On Golden Pond are still coming in

Wilf Knighton, Mayor of the Independent State of Cuckfield said:

“Pamela and I thoroughly enjoyed On Golden Pond. Indeed, as an Octogenarian myself I identified with the lead actor!!!” wilf-laughing-2

“The cast did a marvellous job in bringing the show alive and CDS should be congratulated on a first class performance.”

wilf-ogp“We have now replaced forgetfulness as ‘A Senior moment’ with ‘A Golden Pond moment’ so it is keeping us laughing.”