Play Reading This week!

Play Reading – on Wednesday 19th June

  • We will be reading the short comic play “Twenty Five Not Out” by Hazel Wylde.
  • Starts 8pm at the White Harte
  • You can just listen, or take a turn reading if you wish.
There are parts for men and women and the reading will last 35-40 minutes – or longer if we are laughing a lot!
Twenty Five Not Out tells the story of Diane and Harold Blott’s party for their silver wedding. As it progresses Harold becomes sulkier and sulkier, and Diane finally realizes that the cause of Harold’s behaviour is the presence at the party of his current lover. Diane faces a dilemma: either to wound Harold’s ego, or carry on with her “pretending-not-to-know” farce.

Fumed Oak joins The Bear – but not for Saturday night…

Our October production will be a pair of period comedies both by master playwrights with Noel Coward’s “Fumed Oak” joining the Chekhov comedy “The Bear”.

We are vey please to annouce that Izi Gaff (as seen as Lynne in Stepping Out) will be directing “Fumed Oak” with the assistance of her father Robin.

The Bear” is being directed by Hazelle Woodhurst with the assistance of Simon Perkins.

Co-ordination of all the unartistic matters off-stage is by producer Paul Davey.

The CDS committee has decided that there will be no Saturday Show on Nov 2nd.

  • because of this we will be starting the run on Tuesday 29th October rather than the usual Wednesday.

The reason for dropping the Saturday night show is that Cuckfield will be even busier than usual that weekend with the Fireworks with Music at Cuckfield Park that evening, and there are complications of access during the Veteran Car Run on the Sunday morning – which is when we need to move equipment out of the Queen’s Hall.


October Auditions Next Week – UPDATE!

The first auditions for our October Double Bill of two short plays are this coming week on Tuesday & Wednesday.

Come along to the meeting room at the White Harte Inne at 8pm either day.

The Bear was announced first and is the priority for casting (due to director unavailability in July).

  • We had hoped to also hold auditions for the other play, but that’s not possible – so these auditions are only for The Bear.

For more details see the auditions page!