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Peter Gilbert cast!

We are delighted to welcome Josh Hards to both CDS and to the cast of The Browning Version.

Josh joins the existing cast members of this moving play, considered to be Rattigan’s finest work – and we are sure one of the best in Cuckfield too!

JOHN TAPLOW — a schoolboy Logan Brewer
FRANK HUNTER — the chemistry  master Simon Perkins
MlLLIE CROCKER-HARRIS — wife of Andrew Hazelle Woodhurst
ANDREW CROCKER-HARRIS  – a classics master Philip Robinson
DR. FROBISHER — the headmaster Laurence Leng
PETER GILBERT — a modern languages teacher Josh Hards
MRS GILBERT— wife of Peter Heather Gosling

(If you missed out on our recent auditions the Hurstpierpoint Players are auditioning this week for Rope – see our page here for details of that and other acting opportunities we are aware of!)

New Peter Gilbert SOUGHT!

Our delayed October Double Bill will be staged at the end of February as …(drum roll)… The February Double Bill. All the cast for the two plays are available – bar one part in The Browning Version.

So we need to recast the supporting role of PETER GILBERT in this classic one act play.

Anyone able to play a young(ish) man (with appropriate makeup if required!) is invited to come along on Saturday 5th January from 11am to meet the cast and director Emma at the White Harte meeting roomAnd of course you can read Peter Gilbert’s lines.

  • The performances are Thu 21st – Sat 23rd February (half term week)
  • The scenes that the Gilberts are in are quite limited
    • And Peter Gilbert has about 50 lines
    • So the rehearsals should only be a few evenings or at weekends
    • Peter is the younger successor teacher to the protagonist Crocker-Harris (whi is in his 60s)

Might this suit you, or someone you know?

  • Experience would be ideal – but we will support anyone who is willing and able!
    • These roles might well suit a student (A level or University) who loves theatre and who would like to work with a group of experienced actors.
    • Or it would just as well suit a slightly older man who’d like to work with CDS.
  • With focused rehearsals we think the impact on academic work will be minimal, and it will all be over before the end of half-term.
  • So please pass this on to any contacts who may be interested

About the Play

  • The Browning Version is often considered Rattigan’s masterpiece, tells a story of British reserve, as characters develop and and the situation builds to an intense emotional peak that finally reveals the sensitivity behind the stiff upper lip with  unexpected strength replacing weakness.
  • Ill health is forcing Andrew Crocker-Harris to retire from teaching Latin & Greek at a public school. His wife despises him for his failures and finds consolation with Frank, a younger teacher. She openly taunts Andrew while Frank watches with disgust and shame. The wife knows she has lost Frank- but even more bitter is the realization he’s now Andrew’s fast friend.
  • Peter Gilbert is the incoming modern languages teacher, who togther with his wide will be moving into the Crocker-Harris’s flat (where all the play is set), together with his wife. Crocker-Harris therefore has to face the fact that he is being replaced in his marriage, his position, academic subject and home as well … But he finds solace from an unexpected source…

Christmas Cabaret Tickets

Priority (CDS members) booking for tickets will end on Monday and sales to the rest of Cuckfield and the public will start at 7am that day.

Saturday sold especially quickly again – but there are still seats left as well as plenty for the Friday. We do expect the event to sell out (as in previous years -so we encourage members to book this weekend and everyone to do so as soon as possible.

Online card sales do not carry any extra fee, but from Monday you can also book in other ways such as by phone and at Marcus Grimes.

And if you also fancy a local traditional Xmas show in the form of a Pantomine we have several now listed on our Coming Up Elsewhere local listings page.

If you go please mention CDS when booking and encourage other groups to help spread publicity  and awareness of local amateur theatre! There may only be four or so CDS shows per year, but you can see a lot of other entertainment within 10 miles of home!

Audition Call for Stepping Out

Do you dance?

Do you act?

If the answer to either question  is yes then perhaps you should audition for CDS’s summer spectacular “Stepping Out”.

Stepping Out is a comedy set in tap dancing class, with some tap dancing routines as backdrop to the story. It’s not a musical (which we can say for sure since there is a full musical adapation version with songs as well!)

But the play does combine acting and tap dance so it’s a great chance to learn some new skills!

We would like to cast both people with acting and/or tap-dancing abilities, with an emphasis on acting.

  • Actors who can’t tap dance will be taught the steps needed!
  • Dancers who haven’t acted will be helped to learn lines, act naturally and play members of an amateur group!

Double Bill Rescheduled for February

Our October Double Bill had to be postpondeddue to illness, but we will now be performing the show as planned at the end of February (during half term).

So although we need to recast one smaller role (due to availability) the Double Bill will be performed as originally planned and has been imaginitively retitled February Double Bill

However we are unable to use the Queen’s Hall on the Wednesday night so the run will be from Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd February.

More details – and booking will be provided soon!

It was a tough call to cancel the show, but with The Browning Version performances being described as sublime, and not wanting to present  only half the evening we felt it was the best way to go…

  • All tickets were refunded but we hope you will all be booking again!
  • Sales had been healthy, and we have been encouraged by your messages of support and disappointment.

This does means that we will not be performing our usual February Frolics show this year – but you can be sure that the mix of food and fun will be back another time.

Of course our Christmas Cabaret adds music to that mix, and with the Double Bill in the starting gate we wanted to bring that to you as soon as possible. We are sure that The Browning Version and Dirty Business will thrill you and bring a mid-winter smile to your face!

Cabaret Tickets Sales Dates Announced!

This year’s annual Christmas Cabaret is on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of December…

Tickets are £20 and will go on sale at 7am on Wednesday 14th November for  CDS Members, and then on Monday 19th to the public at large…

Be quick the event is always popular and sells out quickly!

You can book online or for public sales you can also  visit Marcus Grimes

The theme this year is based around the classic Top of the Pops performances of the early 70’s. Expect some upbeat numbers to fill the dancefloor, and maybe a few ballads to ease off the gas.

Will your favourite Glam Rock,  Crooners or Teen Idol be represented?

This year’s menu is

  • Chicken Chasseur with Herby Rice and Green Salad
  • Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce
  • Cheese and Biscuits

The Veggie option is Mushroom Stroganoff with everything else the same as above!

So boogie with the best as Cabaret 2018 goes back to the Top The Pops!

Book now for Letters & Poems from the Front

Cuckfield Remembers…
But has not yet booked for
Letters & Poems from the Front

We have had very few bookings so far for the CDS “Cuckfield Remembers” multi-media event Letters & Poems from the Front scheduled for November 1st and 3rd.

This Cuckfield Remembers event is in danger of being cancelled if sales do not pick up by Monday 29th.

This is particularly sad as due to illness we had to cancel and then refund the many more bookings we had for our Plays Double Bill of The Browning Version and Dirty Business. New production dates in 2019 for that show will be announced as soon as we finalise next year’s schedule!

In the meantime why not see Letters & Poems from the Front next month!

Click here to book now!