CDS Plans Theatre Training!

Educate, Entertain and Involve!

No, not part the BBC’s mission statement but part of the official objectives of the Cuckfield Dramatic Society!

The object of the organisation shall be to educate, entertain and involve the local community…

  • Entertain
    • CDS puts on multiple drama and performing arts productions per year since being re-founded some 21 years ago!
    • AS much of our activity (and contents of this web site) is dedicated to our entertainment perhaps we need not say more on that here!
  • Involve
  • Educate
    • Time to start training!
      • Acting – we have already held a couple of workshops at our club nights
      • Directing – we have mentors willing to share their experience!
      • Publicity – we think the
      • People have had “on the job” training in Lighting, Sound and Stage Management, and Set Construction!
    • But as we raise our game

Now do we need a motto?

How about “Village shall perform drama unto village“?