Mid-Sussex Drama Liaison

This is a summary page about the Mid Sussex Drama Liaison, an EMAIL BASED system (using Google Groups) for liaising and sharing information (such as publicity, auditions, other marketing, or just help needed or offered) between amateur dramatic societies in the Mid-Sussex or neighbouring area.

  • If you can send and receive email you can use MSDL!

NOTE: we have created a separate Facebook page with the same aim …  more information on this will be added but we will keep google/email list  running for now. Search for Mid Sussex Drama!

Ideally follow at least one, of the two options and post any news to both to reach as many people and groups as possible

We are looking to find other ways to keep in touch – and especially to reach as many neighbouring groups as possible.

Why is it needed?                          How does it work?

MSDL is an informal network between with (ideally) at least one or two key people who are active in their local amateur drama group. Currently we reach one or more people at these societies.

So instead of every local group trying to hold a list of other group contacts (which typically is incomplete and out of date) there is one place where you can reach all (or a large number) of local groups.

But to make it lightweight there are no formal links – this is a network of individual subscribers who are involved with a local community theatre group. Each person on the contact list can join or leave as they wish, so if you decide this is  not for you,  then you can unsubscribe yourself. There is also an option to get a summary of messages or just to read online.

To see some examples click here.

To Join:

  • Send an email to  [email protected] and ask to join using the email address you want to send and receive messages from
  • Or if you have a google login visit the Group’s Google Homepage login to your google account and chose “Subscribe to this group

How It Works

Sign up and join the group

  • Once you are subscribed, you send an email to the group and can reach all the subscribers. That’s it – if you can use email you can use this!!
  • MEMBERS can email the group at [email protected]
    • This only works from a subscribed member’s email address
    • Here is a suggested email template (click here to start)  to email the group
    • But you can  Email [email protected] if you have any questions about joining,
    • While this group was set up by CDS, it’s not CDS specific.
      • Although the intended geographic area is centred on Mid-Sussex / Haywards Heath area … we hope other similar groups will emerge for overlapping areas.
      • Anyone wanting to help administer (which is minimal) please join up and offer!
      • CDS has been expanding in the last couple of years and we believe that cooperating with other groups is mutually beneficial.
      • BTW we have a list of our neighbours here but keep discovering new groups we didn’t know about!
  • Sites like amdram.net and sardines.org and organisations like NODA offer a nationwide community and forum, but I felt that a more local system would be valuable to let us
    • share publicity once and reach all local groups
    • reach out for that hard to fill role
    • share props, wardrobe or equipment
    • Pass on advice, ask for suggestions, or even discuss cooperation on training
    • We propose no mandatory schemes – but offering discounted tickets to other groups has been suggested by one other society.
  • Anyone can apply to join
    • a manager or moderator must approve the request
      (That’s just to stop nuisance spam or “trolls”)
    • The group is intended for anyone active in or involved in running an Amateur Dramatic or Community Theatre group
    • Anyone can browse the messages on the web but only subscribers can post.
    • To keep emails to a minimum and we don’t use the forum for any commercial advertising .
    • Messages should generally be about Show Publicity, Auditions or requests for assistance. Please try keep them short and to the point!

The messaging system used is Google Groups. and if you want you can learn more about it here

  • You can view messages or posts from other users by email and/or on the web
    • We recommend that you use email – so you do not miss any updates
    • There is also a “digest” option where you get messages bundled together
  • You may need to sign up for a (free) google account if you want to read or manage messages via the web
  • Currently
    • Only members can view the messages (on web or by email)
      • So messages will be broadcast to all other members, but not the public at large
    • Only members can post.
    • Only members can view the list of members.