How to Join Google Groups

You can subscribe to the liaison group and take part purely by email (the email address you send from must be the same as the one registered.)

(LINK: Back to About The Mid-Sussex Drama Liaison Group page)

And as we want to make things easy you can request joining by simply sending an email to [email protected] 

This page is about registering with a google account – which lets you read or post from a  web page. Click on a screen shot image for a larger view.

ammdram signupYou can get more control and view past messages online at Mid Sussex Drama Liaison group home page if you have a google account to sign in with.

You can either use an existing gmail or googlemail account – or register a new one. You can even do that using your or your society’s existing email address.

(NOTE – SIGNING OUT : If you are already registeGoogle Log Outred with google and are logged in with a cookie from then you will need to log out first to use a different identity – )

When you go to Sign in to view this group on the Mid Sussex Drama Liaison homepage you will need to sign in to google (if you don’t get asked for this then you are probably already signed in!)

Amdram liasion GGIf you create a new account you will see

create account1 create account2And after confirming you are not a robot, and clicking on a link in an email you should be able to access  the group pages online which looks like this: