Cuckoo Productions

With our Christmas Cabarets now an annual institution in the village we have decided that it does not need a separate “brand” and we will produce it as a CDS event and the Cuckoo Productions name has been retired!

Historically CDS was renowned for delivering two “traditional” plays a year as well as our annual February Frolics . In 2015  with a growing membership we felt that it would be good to explore more opportunities for people to display their talents, which in many cases is not just drama but also singer, dance, variety etc. Plus of course all behind the scenes activities such as Stage Management, Directing, Producing and more!

To maintain CP Logo Dots the distinction between our amateur dramatic productions from other entertainment forms CDS has decided to deliver a number of shows in various new formats and genres under the banner of ‘Cuckoo Productions’.

CP letterhead

This enables us as a theatre group to offer more opportunities to existing members and encourage even more new members to join as we can offer more and a broader scope of productions!

These productions are separate to our theatrical productions and the first of these was our 2015 Christmas Cabaret partly inspired by the style and mood of Berlin’s 1930’s ‘Kit Kat Club”.

Acabaret-2-logofter the success of the 30’s and 40’s theme that year we moved onto to a 1950’s theme for 2016 and surprise surprise  we are making 2017 a year of the Swinging Sixties!

Once again after a two course meal you will be entertained by song & dance numbers and other routines of the era!

If there are any budding singers or dancers out there who would like to get involved in a this year’s show please see the link below!

Are you groovy baby...