Annual Shows

CDS now usually produces at least four shows each year…
In chronological order these are:

  • The February Frolics
    • This two night event includes a meal and is held on Friday/Saturday in the Spring half term break at the end of the month
    • The usual format is short comic play and some comedy sketches to brighten your winter!
    • NB for 2019 we replaced the Frolics with three nights of drama – but the summer play will be Stepping Out – a hit comedy about a group of tap dancers
  • Summer Play
    • Often called our Spring production this show is actually held in the half term break in the Summer term at the end of May/start of June.
    • It’s a full length play (2 or 3 acts), presented on four nights, Wed – Sat
    • Normally we use our raked seating and with a full set constucted on the stage
  • Autumn Play
    • Our second full length play, is also presented on Wed – Sat in the half term break at the end of October
    • Often a comedy or drama contrasting with the previous (Summer) play this event also usually uses the raked seating and a traditonal set.
  • The Christmas Cabaret
    • An extravangaza of music and some dance, with comedic links
    • Starting in 2015 as with a 30’s Berlin Cabaret theme this event has been updated each year and moved through the decades reaching the first half of the 1970’s inĀ  2018…
    • Held on Friday/Saturday starting the second Friday in December
      • This is the traditonal date of Cuckfield’s Christmas Tree and Christmas Street Festivals

Raked Seating

Our raked seating provides raised seating for 78 people, with stalls seating on the hall floor bringing the capacity to 130.

The seating is portable and available to hire for other groups

Set Construction