Pardon Me, Prime Minister

CDS logo PMPMA traditional farce by Edward Taylor and John Graham this comedy was CDS’s spring 2016 production and ran June 1st to 4th at the Queen’s Hall.

Shows were sold out every night – a strong vote
of the hard work and time from all those involved!

You can hear the pre-show “BBC News” audience announcment here.

Philip Robinson & Lorraine Jordan from 2016's Pardon Me Prime Minister
Philip Robinson & Lorraine Jordan from 2016’s Pardon Me Prime Minister

Philip Robinson & Lorraine Jordan from 2016's Pardon Me Prime Minister

A review was included in our June Newsletteror you can read a version with more photos here.  A shorter version was published in the current (Jul/Aug) edition of Cuckfield Life.

Audience comments included:


Curtain Call - Steve Bishopp_crOur thanks to all those who helped, including:


  • The Rt. Hon. George Venables M.P.       Philip Robinson
  • Rodney Campbell                                    Jaba Bowman
  • The Rt. Hon. Hector Crammond M.P.      Paul Davey
  • Miss Frobisher                                         Beckie Burtenshaw
  • Sybil Venables                                         Kirsty Bishopp
  • Shirley Springer                                       Samantha Oliver
  • Jane Rotherbrook                                    Emma Hudson
  • Dora Springer                                          Lorraine Jordan
  • A Man                                                      Peter Bowman


  • Director                                               Lance Milton
  • Assistant Director                                Emma Gosling
  • Producer                                              Peter Bowman
  • Lighting                                                Phoebe Izzard Davey / Paul Davey
  • Sound Design                                      Jason Ross
  • Set Build                                              Stephen Bishopp and Team
  • Stage Manager                                   Jane Bowman / Dawn Hall
  • Props & Costumes                              The Cast / Gladrags
  • Make-up                                              The Cast
  • Programme                                         Martin Sheldon
  • Advertising                                          Shirley Coates
  • Publicity                                               Paul Davey / Keith Moss
  • Front of House                                    Sophie Bradshaw / Caroline Denholm



Set in 10 Downing Street on the eve of the budget the Prime Minister and the Chancellor are preparing a puritanical crackdown, taxing amusements such as bingo, gambling and night clubs out of existence.

Shocks are in store however when the lovely Shirley appears, the result of a post-conference party night many years ago….

She is certain to expose more than the story of her origins.

Cue an epidemic of door-slamming and clothes swapping confusion that will be more shocking (and more funny) than the latest referendum statistics and argument!


Pardon Me, Prime Minister was directed by Lance Milton, CDS member and principal of Act Too Arts Academy

The Play

Edward Taylor and John Graham wrote Pardon Me, Prime Minister in 1976, although the humour is still just as funny, and seems eerily prescient with a Scottish Chancellor and a spin doctor named Campbell! And politicians remain politicians and in need of taking down a peg or two.  Edward Taylor worked on many classic BBC series including Morecambe and Wise and The Two Ronnies and this hilarious farce will let CDS demonstrate again just how good local community theatre can be!

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The poster!    (download a copy here in pdf)i Pardon Me, Prime Minister Poster






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