Move over Midsommer – Mid-Sussex has Murders too!

A “clever and entertaining modern thriller” by award winning Sussex television and mystery writer Simon Brett

Wed 28th – Sat 31st October 2015

Prices start at £8 on Wednesday or you can save with a Group discount!

Silhouette_Logo 4 In the first part we see the police investigating the murder of famous actor Martin Powell at his Sussex home. His estranged wife Celia, is alone with the strangely eccentric journalist Neville Smallwood.   Neville’s obsessive behaviour, unusual tastes and hatred of Martin make him a prime suspect and it appears to be a straightforward case. But later we discover what happened earlier in the lead up to the murder, and things are less clear. Martin Powell arrives and we see what kind of man he really was. Who was the silhouetted figure seen in the doorway? When exactly does fan become fanatic? The truth behind the impending murder looms over the unfolding events as the shape of the murder and of the murderer are revealed in the shadows…

Presented in the Queen’s Hall, with raked seating this was another CDS show that was the event of the autumn!Silhouette_Poster

Directed by Paul Davey